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Lotus Consultancy helps people and organisations identify, make and sustain the right change for them, through consultancy and coaching.

no mud, no lotus

The lotus flower sinks into muddy water at night, before emerging into the sunlight, regenerated and reformed. Lotus helps people and organisations create transformations that achieve success in business and in life.

A qualified Mental Health Nurse and Coach, with Post Graduate degrees in Coaching and Management, Jane Hudson Jones uses a unique blend of therapeutic and management skills to help people and organisations across all sectors make transformation achievable, sustainable and engaging.

Jane is an experienced CEO, currently Co-CEO at United Way UK. She is Founder of the Small Charity CEOs’ Network as well as a Business Development Team Member for the coaching body EMCC and a member of the NICE Endometriosis Guideline Development Committee.

Services: Coaching, Mentoring and Personal Development; Training; Management; Transformation; Public Speaking; Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing; Facilitation; Team-Building; Strategic Review


I worked with Jane over a series of meetings set up to help me manage a specific workplace challenge relating to personnel. This was a complex issue and I was very impressed with Jane’s listening skills and emotional intelligence in understanding the immediate problem to be solved and my specific needs for doing that. Over subsequent weeks Jane introduced me to a range of tools and strategies and acted both as a sounding board and as a critical friend. The overall effect was to enable me to try out new ways of seeing existing situations and to be able to frame challenges in different ways which could lead to different solutions. Making progress on issues that were previously ‘stuck’ was a great relief and I continue to see the benefits now some time after our sessions ended.

Kate Levick, Director of Policy & Regulation, CDP

We asked Jane to help us find ways of making efficiency savings in our small tech company. She worked very closely with us, through a free initial consultation, to understand our main issues and challenges, before creating 2 team building sessions to help us make the right changes for us.

Jane then worked with the team to build a shared vision in line with our strategy. She also facilitated development of ideas on how to increase efficiency, including internal time management and communications. Jane worked with us to develop and abide by a team charter, in line with our strategy.

Jane adapted to the culture of our team and was extremely patient and understanding around individual traits. Jane provided a relaxed environment and led clear discussions on how we can improve efficiencies within the team; she made it fun and engaging at the same time so everyone felt motivated and interested.

Daniella Boon, Lead Consultant, Veda Consulting Ltd

I found the session extremely useful, inspirational, well organised and fabulously conducted. It was fun and energetic but at the same time helped us understand company goals better and how to work towards the common goal effectively and efficiently.

To us it was a perfect platform to discuss “how to(s)” and striking the right balance between professional and personal life in a way which is long term for all of us. 

At the end of the session we had a better picture of what we should do to make it all work in a way that helps the company grow, achieve missions and push it closer to the vision.

Priyanka Karan, Technical Lead, Veda Consulting Ltd

Jane helped me prepare for a challenging interview for a senior management job. She displayed exactly the right balance between being supportive and challenging, helping to identify my strengths and skills and to apply them in ways that I would never have thought of. She is extremely knowledgeable about the requirements of senior roles and was able to guide me to use appropriate language and terms to appear expert and credible. The whole process greatly increased my confidence and I learnt a huge amount. I would highly recommend Jane.

Elizabeth Barley PhD CPsychol AFBPsS RGN, Professor in Health and Wellbeing at University of West London

I was coached by Jane for six months and her support was fantastic. Jane’s holistic approach helped me to understand more about myself, not only in a professional context but more widely. Her supportive, insightful and intuitive coaching style was extremely helpful in helping me make a key career decision when I found myself at a crossroads. She also helped me to set goals and identify areas to work on to help me work towards achieving those goals. Alongside this she passed on useful resources to support what we had discussed. I highly recommend Jane as a coach. 

Helen Osment, Senior Research Executive at Cancer Research UK

Jane is easy to talk to, warm, strategic and holistic in her approach and brings calm, flexibility and compassion

Endometriosis UK Trustees

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Mobile 07966054327

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