Many people experience ‘stuckness’ at some point in their life or career. Lotus boasts a unique blend of experience and skills to ensure a safe and effective coaching process to help people move through difficult challenges.

An experienced and trusted Coach, Jane Hudson Jones uses a range of strategies, tools and techniques to promote sustainable change, for the benefit of the coachee and their organisation. This is a highly ethical and holistic approach, supporting clients to achieve the two magic ingredients for sustainable change – insight and desire to change.

Clients can trust that Lotus provides a professional, safe and effective coaching service: Jane is a qualified Coach and Mental Health Nurse as well as a trained CBT practitioner. Lotus Consultancy is fully insured, registered with a professional coaching body and engages regular supervision.

Depending on your needs, Jane will use a range of assessment and development tools with coachees to facilitate goal achievement and the development of internal resources such as:

insight and self-awareness


development of more effective thinking and behavioural skills

enhanced ability to actualise 

empowerment to become your own coach

enhanced maturity and wisdom

self-acceptance and self-compassion

enhanced sense of peace and awareness

coaching services

executive & leadership

A one-to-one service for senior executives, duration depending on need. Geared to produce learning, behavioural change, and growth.

skills & performance 

Assisting coachees to improve performance, with a focus on supporting the development of autonomy and resilience.


Supporting coachees to manage their relationship to work over a lifetime. Lotus will help you understand your skills, personality and dreams, and use these insights to drive your career.


Supporting clients to fulfill their dreams and potential


Supporting clients who are ‘stuck’, to make fundamental shifts in the way they do things in their lives and work

health & wellness including smoking cessation, healthy lifestyle and stress management

As a qualified and experienced nurse and Coach, Jane Hudson Jones is uniquely skilled in delivering physical and mental health support. Changing entrenched habits and thinking is the key to sustainability, and Jane has the experience and skills to help you succeed.

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